Youth Employment – TRC #92

TRC 92: Youth Employment

In the fall of 2016, following more than a year of consultations and research, WPRC developed an action plan called TRC92: Youth Employment.

TRC92: Youth Employment is based on and guided by Call to Action #92 in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report (2015):

Call to Action #92 calls upon the corporate sector to:

“…ensure that Aboriginal peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and education opportunities in the corporate sector and . . . provide education for management and staff on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal-Crown relations . . . (and conduct) skills based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.”

TRC92: Youth Employment seeks to link corporate sector employers in Winnipeg with community-based organizations that train Indigenous youth for jobs, with the aim of providing positive work experience and/or jobs within an informed, inclusive work environment.

The action plan incorporates three strategies:

1. Raise Awareness – Create new opportunities for employers, human resource professionals and the public to learn about Indigenous history and the legacy of it, and issues related to Indigenous youth employment.
2. Promote and Support Workplace Education – Create opportunities in designated private-sector workplaces for education about Indigenous history and the legacy of it, and intercultural safety in the workplace.
3. New Connections for Employment – Working with existing trainers, link a cohort of Indigenous youth with work experience and/or jobs in designated private-sector work places.

The initial stage of TRC92: Youth Employment is intended as an opportunity to learn about practices that are most promising for engaging employers and Indigenous youth, and then building on successes toward a long-term goal as follows:

Guided by a journey toward reconciliation, Winnipeg has equitable access to good jobs, and intercultural inclusivity in the workplace as a normalized practice.

Theory of Change

List of Resources

Strategy #2 in TRC92: Youth Employment is ‘Support Workplace Education about Indigenous History and Intercultural Safety.

WPRC has created a resource list that employers and others can access when looking for resources and opportunities to provide this education.

The resources are listed under the following headings:

– History of Indigenous People
– Intercultural Safety
– Indigenous Human Resources
– Publications
– Indigenous Procurement
– Blogs and other related initiatives

The Resource List is a guide only. It is not a complete list. We recognize that new resources may arise at any time and there may be others that have been inadvertently left off the list. Efforts will be made to keep the list up to date and we are happy to take suggestions for resources to add.

WPRC does not endorse any particular resource over another. We encourage users of the list to be in touch with any feedback and comments.

The list can be downloaded here: Resource List