Jorge Fernandez

Immigrant Centre

Jorge Fernandez started with the Immigrant Centre in 1993 and became Executive Director in 2014. He is responsible for developing and delivering effective settlement services, plays a lead role in identifying immigration trends, and engages proactively with funders and key stake holders.

Working as a teacher’s aide in Winnipeg with students who had migrated from Spanish speaking countries, Jorge realized that being an immigrant he could help other immigrants. This opened the doors to seek employment at the Immigrant Centre. While making a difference working through different levels at Immigrant Centre Manitoba, Jorge has helped countless immigrants and newcomers put roots down in Winnipeg.

Jorge was born and raised in Ecuador and moved to Winnipeg in 1985. He graduated from the Catholic University of Ecuador with a degree in Business Administration. Jorge has had a long journey working in the settlement field, giving him over 28 years of experience working in the settlement sector and supporting newcomers to Manitoba.