Susan Lewis

WPRC Founding Member

Susan has been a visionary leader focused on building a strong, thriving and safe Winnipeg.

For over four decades she has been dedicated to community service through her work with United Way Winnipeg where she became President in 1985. As CEO, she challenged the status quo and in the mid-1990s launched a transformational change process that led to a new vision and operating model that restructured every functional area of United Way Winnipeg. This included a ground-breaking community involvement process called Journey Forward which focused on engaging the public in identifying Winnipeg’s social issues and mobilizing the community in a collective effort to work toward solutions.

In 2006, introducing principles now characterized as collective impact, Susan led and encouraged the formation of the Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (WPRC) which included leadership from all sectors working together to address in real and measurable ways some of Winnipeg’s toughest issues such as homelessness and early childhood development.

Susan remains very active in important community work and continues to serve on several boards and advisory councils including the End Homelessness Winnipeg Board, the Boldness Stewardship Group, MATCH International Women’s Fund, the Independent Advisory Board for Senate Appointments and the Canada West Foundation. Her contributions have been widely recognized and, among others, she has received an honorary degree from the University of Manitoba, the Order of Canada, the Order of Manitoba, the 2014 Red Cross Humanitarian Award and the United Way Centraide Canada Excellence Award.