Jan Sanderson

Red River College (co-chair)

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Jan graduated with her Master’s degree in Public Affairs through a joint program with the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba in 1980. She then launched her career in the civil service by working as the Director of the Canada Service Bureau for the Federal Government of Canada.

In 2001, Jan was given the opportunity to direct a new provincial initiative, Healthy Child Manitoba, reporting to the Healthy Child Committee of Cabinet. In 2009, Jan was appointed Deputy Minister of the newly formed department of Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors, with a focus on preventative issues, health promotion and addiction services.

In early 2012, the Department of Children and Youth Opportunities was created and mandated to maximize opportunities for all children and youth to achieve their full potential. Jan was appointed Deputy Minister of the department while retaining her role as CEO of Healthy Child Manitoba.

In September 2016, Jan joined Red River Community College as Research Chair for the School of Health Sciences and Community Services.