To reduce poverty significantly in Winnipeg.


An inclusive Winnipeg where everyone flourishes and is valued.


The Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council is committed to the community and is guided by the following principles:

1.  WPRC members are community leaders who are committed to cross-sectoral initiatives to reduce poverty in Winnipeg

2. The WPRC will strive to be a model for collective community action

3. The WPRC will seek collaboration and partnerships based on a common mission wherever possible

4. The WPRC respects the independence while acknowledging the interdependence of all sectors

5. The WPRC approaches its mission knowing that there are no quick fixes or simple solutions

6. The WPRC recognizes that there are strengths in our city upon which to build. The Council does not intend to duplicate what already exists, nor does it intend to build infrastructure

7. The WPRC will:

• Be action oriented

• Focus on the future and on sustainable opportunities to further its mission

• Support healthy, sustainable communities

• Set objectives, track progress, and communicate achievements

8. The WPRC will report to the community