Who We Are


The Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (WPRC) brings together leaders from a variety of sectors to work collaboratively at addressing the underlying causes of poverty. WPRC’s role has three components: to have and share knowledge about complicated issues, to use its influence to engage all sectors and communities, and to foster collaboration that breaks down silos, creates collective impact, and reduces poverty in Winnipeg.

Our Philosophy

The WPRC addresses the underlying causes of poverty by building and capitalizing on community strength. We listen to individuals and communities experiencing poverty and we respond – sometimes by taking the lead to generate activity and at other times by working to increase awareness and understanding, inspiring and stimulating action, encouraging reallocation or alignment of existing resources, and by supporting others who lead change and work in neighbourhoods throughout Winnipeg. At all times the WPRC emphasizes collective effort, collaboration, integration, and alignment among sectors, organizations, community groups, and individuals.

A Collaborative Approach

The Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council does not intend to replicate existing poverty reduction strategies in our community. Rather, it seeks to bring together community leaders from a variety of sectors to help support, enhance, and integrate current poverty reduction initiatives in our city and to develop new and innovative approaches. The WPRC understands the complexity of poverty reduction and has a long-term, sustained commitment to its goals and objectives.