Who We Are


Poverty is a highly complex, multi-faceted issue. It has many causes, is experienced in many different forms, and needs to be addressed through an array of innovative approaches. Approximately 100,000 Winnipeggers (13 percent) are living in poverty. In Winnipeg’s inner city, 49.2% of the Indigenous population and 36.6% of the recent immigrant population fall below the low income cut off. Twenty-four percent of children in Winnipeg are living in poverty – the third highest rate among large urban areas in Canada.

The Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (WPRC) brings together leaders from a variety of sectors to work collaboratively at addressing the underlying causes of poverty. This multi-sector forum of 30 to 40 members is comprised of leaders from community, business, labour, the non-profit sector, education, health, and three levels of government. This approach is based on the belief that greater impact is possible when we work across conventional boundaries, connecting and aligning our efforts and resources to transform the conditions that lead to poverty.